Apr 20 2012

Diablo III Beta goes Open This Weekend

I have a feeling I’m going to hear very little from some of the people I know this weekend thanks to this. The open Beta begins today at 12:01pm PDT to April 23 at 10:00 am PDT. You can start downloading the Beta client now on the battle.net download page.

Shame I’m going to have very little free time this weekend. I would really love to dive in to the beta.

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  1. Loredo84

    So what’d you guys think?

    I played for about an hour, and got to level 6 in a party of 2-3 – and was relieved to see Diablo 3 retained enough of it’s legendary creepiness.

    I’m disappointed somewhat by the classes you can pick from (Barbarian is still around but that’s all for strength-based characters? ..really?), and felt that the Wizard vs. Witch Doctor were not diverse enough. I’m happy to report that the health regenerating well STILL HAS THE SAME SOUND, so the level of nostalgia THAT brought up, made me forgive Diablo 3 absolutely everything, haha.

  2. Mike

    a few of us got together and played the game this past weekend, we decided to talk about it in this weeks podcast, were gonna give you a shout out! stay tuned!

  3. Loredo84

    Awesomesauce – looking forward to it :D

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