Jul 23 2012

Diablo 3: Exploit Allows Invincible Wizard

In today’s amusing Diablo 3 news comes our discovery of a post on Wiztechie where they discovered an exploit that allows a wizard to become totally invulnerable to damage.

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UPDATE: This exploit appears to have been patched now, so I hope you all enjoyed your invulnerable wizards while they lasted!

This trick only works for Wizards but is incredibly simple: A wizard must have Teleport – Fracture and Archon as two of their abilities and then hit the keys to trigger both at exactly the same moment. You will know it has worked if you transform to archon and no after-images are left by teleport.

I didn’t believe that this was real until I just tried it, and yes, it works. Clearly Blizzard has been spending too much time worrying about how to make money on the Auction House and not nearly enough on fixing bugs like this!

Here’s a video from Wiz Techie demonstrating the exploit:

Might as well try it for a few kicks if you play a Wizard, as I’m sure this one is not going to last long!

That’s Yo “and I thought the Wind-Up Build was OP” Garbage!

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  1. KidRadd

    Something tells me Blizzard is going to ban people who use this exploit……

  2. rubberbands

    Actually.. i dont think you can ban people for that. How do you punish someone for using a glitch in the game?

  3. Loredo84

    This is disgusting.

    Also – this is the only way I’m going to play now.

  4. Lorenzo

    LOL Well don’t expect this glitch to be around for long, but hell, enjoy it while you can.

    I speedran from midway A2 to Diablo in Inferno today, mostly so I could get access to the Inferno whimsyshire…

  5. Emre

    It was known for at least a month already. It wasn’t until recently that someone exposed it. Blizzard is still clueless about the 2 other glitches that still work just fine. This is Blizzard we’re talking about – Diablo 2 still had major exploits 10 years after it was released.

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