Jul 21 2012

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Tank Build

As promised here is my Demon Hunter Tanking build. I mentioned this build a little while ago in a podcast, and I got a few requests to make a video of how I play Diablo 3. Enjoy! Hit the jump to see an image of the equipment I use for this build.


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  1. Cláudia

    What was the total cost for all the items u purchased? for someone planning on using this build how much of an investment is it? Can you Solo Diablo?

    1. Mike

      i didnt spend more then a mill for all of this equipment, if you are a deal hunter and have some self control and not buy the first item u see u can possible build something similar for under 700k.

  2. fisheyedfool

    no thanks. i’ll run around like a chicken with its head cut off and kill them much faster.

  3. gakpad

    I played around with DH tanking some time around a month ago and ultimately came to the same conclusion. Sure it’s fun as a novelty but why do I need to take that many hits and heal so much when elite packs die in a couple seconds if I just run a more typical build/gear setup.

    Bonus points for finding good belt/gloves/weapon/shield with chance to freeze/stun on hit. Poison bombs proc that like a motherfucker. I also kept two 1H on me because for any packs that didn’t one shot me, the extra attack speed and life on hit and damage made things quite a bit easier rather than using a shield in my offhand.

  4. DrVanKrugLore

    Jagged Spikes Caltrops give huge LoH hat stacks for each caltrops. People using this build have a tough time against ranged monsters though. Their damage is very low compared to mconventional DHs and they dont get much sustaining LoH unless something is standing on top of their stacks of Jagged Spikes Caltrops. Its all about what playstyle you like. If you like this playstyle, I would reccomend you try a Monk, Barbarian, or CM Wizard though. Their classes are simply more tailored to this than the DH class.

    1. Mike

      The problem is I usually play in a party with a WD and a Barb, where it is the job of the WD to toss out the DPS. I definitely do not think this is the best use of the DH, however, it is affordable. Right now i am only doing about 6k, i want to get that to 10k-12k which will make it much easier and faster. If i do, ill do a comparative video. Thanks for the comment

    2. drew

      I dont and have never used smoke screen. I run a tank build and have no problem with ranged attacks. I can take a direct hit and not die but 99% of the time you can just dodge it or vault away.

  5. judicium

    it’s good knowing that this option is available though.

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