Feb 03 2012

Chronicle Movie Review (Audio)

This never happened

Marc, Jay, G and Mike went to go see the movie Chronicle today. We recorded a review shortly after watching the movie, as part of our new Audio Movie Review Garbage! (G ran away)

That’s right everything is “blank” Garbage, get used to it. Press the play button below to hear our thoughts.

We gave it a 7.8/10 – i said 7.7 but my math was off!

That’s Yo Garbage

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  1. G

    Lets be real here…. I did not like this movie as much as you guys lol, did not want to be responsible for bringing down the score…. plus bitches be crazy.

  2. Jermepitys

    I really liked this movie as well, i strongly believe it coud become a lost boys type following

  3. CarpetbombzzzZZzzz

    I like your review. I look forward to more from u guys.

  4. Chronicleisaboutme

    This movie is about me. Thanks for watching

  5. Henry of the hinges

    I want to see a part two, i agre its a good starting story. Thats yo garbage!

  6. Wtf

    This movie was too short, and boring at some times. The cgi was well done though.

  7. G

    I totally agree with WTF…. there were parts where I wanted to sleep…

  8. Mike

    You are out numbered G, you lose!
    Thanks for all the comments guys!

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