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Mar 21 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 2: The Path of the Righteous!

Welcome to the second of one of TYG’s new dailys! This is the second War-Game Wednesday and we have started to make some minor improvements to the video format. This episode shows me and Lorenzo slugging it out in another Firestorm Armada straight kill-em-all battle with our starter fleets. More after the jump!

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Mar 15 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 1: They Call it Vandalism

Welcome to another one of TYG’s weekly features. War-game Wednesday will basically follow Lorenzo and I as we play various war-games from a variety of different  companies (Except GW Games because enough people do that already). Firestorm Armada which is a spaceship combat miniatures game will be our first game, followed probably by Infinity. Video of our game and more after the jump!

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