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Aug 23 2012

Syncing Bookmarks, Calendars and Contacts Between an iPhone and a Nexus 7 (or other Android device)

So, if you’re like a bunch of people I know, you have an iPhone as your cellphone but have recently purchased a Nexus 7. Hell, I bought an N7 myself recently, but have also bought a Galaxy Nexus phone so I don’t happen to be faced with the question of how to integrate the N7 into iOS and iCloud based data storage.

For those of you who are facing this data integration challenge, I’ve got a few tips for you on how to damn near seamlessly integrate your experience.

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Aug 12 2012

Rogers stops carrying Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus: For those who want the latest Android OS.

It seems that a few of Canada’s major cellphone providers are in quite a bit of a rush to stop carrying the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Launched on Rogers and Telus in January 2012, the Galaxy Nexus promised of having access to the latest versions of Google’s Android OS much faster than any other Android smartphone. Rumours, however, suggest it was instead the fact that the Galaxy Nexus comes as an unlocked pentaband phone that has been a major sticking point for Rogers and Telus.

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May 01 2012

iCloud-Friendly Bookmark Syncing for OSX

Two things prompted my quest for a bookmark syncing utility: the acquisition of a new iPad and the installation of Mac OS 10.7 a.k.a. Lion. Those of you who listen to the podcast know that I am an Apple guy (but only as long as they make good stuff!). So I found myself with a MacBook Pro, an iPad 3, and an iPhone 4. The biggest reason I upgraded to Lion was for iCloud and it’s useful if you’re part of the Apple ecosystem. One of its features is Safari bookmark syncing. In order to accommodate this, I’ve spent a couple of months using Safari as my one and only browser. The bottom line: it’s pretty good, but Firefox is just better. There’s no reason why Apple can’t improve Safari, so let’s add that to the to-do list along with better sound quality/output.

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Mar 29 2012

Poisoning the Well: Fake Online Reviews and Just Useless Ones

Poisoning the Well: Fake Online Reviews and Just Useless Ones

Picture links to source for Sony HDR CX190 Pic

As anyone who listened to episode 18 of our podcast heard, I was in the market for a digital camcorder this week.

I want to talk a little bit more about this and the problem of spam reviews poisoning the well for those of us who like to try and do a little research before we plonk down our money on technology, and what kind of reviews you should look for, as opposed to the ones you should avoid.

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Dec 07 2011

How to Easily add Custom Ringtones/Text Tones to your Iphone

With the IOS5 Apple has made the customization of your iphone (not unlocked) a little bit better. Prior to this you were only able to edit your ringtones, but now you can do tones as well (SMS/MMS/Alerts). Hit the jump to find out more.

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