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May 16 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 9: More Dust Warfare and Second Opinions.

Were back with another episode of War-Game Wednesday. Instead of just posting a video this week we decided to also address some of the concerns we’ve received regarding the Dust Warfare Rules. As much as we here at TYG like Dust Warfare it is far from a perfect game and there are a few stumbling blocks that we should focus some attention on. Click the jump to read more and see the video of this weeks game.

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May 09 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 8: Dust Warfare

Looks like YouTube finally stopped flaking out on us and we were finally able to get this weeks episode onto the interwebs… This week we took Dust Warfare for a test drive in our first ever game. We will be focusing a lot on Dust Warfare in the coming weeks so expect a lot more content. Click the jump to see this weeks video.

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Apr 30 2012

Dropship Commander Steals the Show at Salute!

Honestly I love under-dog miniatures companies. The less well-known a miniature company is the more I’m going to love them. That love may not translate into purchases but the Miniature market is dominated so thoroughly by GW that anyone who takes chips out of them is all right in my books. To that end Hawk War-Games seems set to take more of my money. Video created by the team over at Beasts of War. Click the jump to have your mind blown.

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Apr 27 2012

Wargame Review: Dust Warfare

Dust Warfare

Dust Warfare Preview @ Gencon 2011 (Image sourced from

As I mentioned in this article, Fantasy Flight Games has recently released the core rulebook for Dust Warfare, their new wargame expansion based on the Dust Tactics boardgame.

Well my order from FFG’s online store came in this week and now that I’ve had a chance to read the rulebook at some length I figured I should share my first impressions with you.

More after the jump…
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Apr 25 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 7- Bitterness

Lorenzo's lovingly painted Dindrenzi ships... right before I shot them off the table!

And were back with Episode 7 of War-Game Wednesday. This week we got fed up with waiting for our Firestorm Armada orders and decided to bust out the lottery 1000 point fleets consisting of the random stuff that did arrive from our orders. We chose one of the cool scenarios I found online and then proceeded to chuck dice for all we were worth. More after the jump!

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Apr 11 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 5- Goldilocks Syndrome!

Welcome to another episode of G gets Tabled… I mean War-game Wednesday. This week we play AT-43 with a much better understanding of the rules. Click after the jump to watch the fairly one-sided batrep!

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Apr 09 2012

Dust Warfare Video Released!

Finally FFG has gotten around to leaking a bit more info about their new war-game set in the Dust Universe. I mention my love of Dust Tactics in the Board-games section here. And Dust Warfare ups the scale of the battles you can fight to a more war-game like level. Thankfully you don’t need to listen to me go on about how awesome this is as FFG released a video which basically drives that point home. Video and my thoughts after the jump!

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Apr 09 2012

Kingdom Death New Limited Run Figures Released

Finally! I was starting to think this company had fallen off the earth from the lack of news. I’m used to long periods of silence but this has been longer than normal. thankfully the wait is now over and we have the next batch of Kingdom Death releases. Sadly its a small batch. pictures and my thoughts after the jump.

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Apr 04 2012

War-Game Wednesday Ep:4 -Too Much Crate!

All right sports fans. Episode 4 of War-game Wednesday is now up for your viewing pleasure. In this episode we play a discontinued game (which is becoming a theme) called AT-43. AT-43 was originally created by the now defunct Rackham Entertainment. Sadly the companies death also means the end for AT-43, which is made worse by the fact that the game itself has a lot of amazing mechanics and interesting rule concepts.  Video and more on AT-43 after the Jump!

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Mar 29 2012

Forgeworld Releases the Storm Eagle

Well the day has finally come. While I have not bought anything from GW in years I can appreciate a beautiful model regardless of the source. Today Forgeworld released a single picture of the new Storm Eagle. The model is beautiful and as it is Forgeworld will probably cost as much as a kidney. Picture after the jump!

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