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Jul 18 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 16: Firestorm Armada

Hey guys and welcome to another Episode of War-Game Wednesday. This week we play another game of Firestorm Armada and it actually turns out to be a little less one-sided for once. Click the jump to see how we fared. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 11 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 15: Firestorm Aramda

Firestorm Armada - Sorilyaan Fleet

This week sees a return to Firestorm Armada as our Month of Infinity comes to a close. We used another one of Ravager’s Scenarios which can be found here. Click the jump to check out the video and let us know what you think. We will be playing Firestorm next week as well before returning once again to Infinity.

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Jul 04 2012

War-Game Wednesday EP:14 Infinity Batrep

It’s another episode of War-Game Wednesday where we play Infinity and Lorenzo beats me because I dice fail like its my job at this game. Honestly I know it doesn’t seem like I enjoy this game by the later turns of these videos but as we’ve come to learn the rules the eloquence of the system as well as the cool interplay between different model rules, I realized that the game is really awesome. Check the jump to watch the Finale video of our Month of Infinity!… Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 02 2012

Kingdom Death June Releases Un-boxed.

The Kingdom Death June releases have finally arrived. Check out this video where G Un-Boxes and discusses the Forsaker Resculpt, The Beyond the Wall Diorama and the Survior Pinup..

Jun 27 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 13: Infinity

Sorry for the delay folks we had some hardware issues delaying the posting of this episode. But here it is and its only 23:01  so it is still technically War-Game Wednesday. Enjoy the video and let us here your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for Watching!

Jun 20 2012

War-Game Wednesday Episode 12: More Infinity

Were back on track finally with another episode of War-Game Wednesday. I wish I could say that I enjoyed making this video but the truth is that the only good to come out of this was that I’ve finally gotten off my butt and started making real terrain to play on. The AT-43 battle-mats are just not cutting it anymore. Click the jump to check out the video. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 18 2012

Firestorm Armada New Releases

Firestorm ArmadaSpartan Games has revealed some new models for Firestorm Armada. Click the jump to check out the images and read my thoughts.  Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 11 2012

Hawk Wargames Site Goes Live

Dropzone Commander the first tabletop war-game from Hawk Wargames is now up for pre-order on their site. After taking a look at what was on offer, I’m as staggered with the release as I was with the Salute images. The quality of the models on display make them hard to resist and for once I can honestly say that all three of the factions are equally appealing. To see more and read some of my thoughts click the jump. or check out the Hawk Wargames site here.

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Jun 01 2012

June’s Kingdom Death Releases Outed!

The Survivor Pinup, Must Say I Love the Spear and Tribal Look!

June’s Release line up features a lot of safe bets, and a lot of Kissed by Fire Survivor Models. I was wondering when the next bout of releases from KD would be coming as the gap seemed to be quite long this time. Considering the release of the Experiment of Death, and the Beyond the Wall Diorama I’m willing to forgive in this case. No idea what I’m talking about? Hit the Jump to Find out!

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May 23 2012

More Dropzone Commander Pic’s

Wow.... Just wow...

I’ve been saving up the wealth of images handed out by Hawk Wargames regarding their super detailed and awesome new line of miniatures for Dropzone Commander for quite some time. I can’t even believe the raw detail of these models, sure a studio paint job will make any miniature look amazing but a lot of the detail of this miniature and the ones after the jump is actually built into the model itself. Click the jump to see some seriously well crafted models.

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