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Apr 01 2012

IGN’s Best April Fools Yet?

Today IGN broke the news that “EA announces Shepard and the gang are getting their own TV series in the spirit of the ’80s. See the debut trailer!

I would watch the hell out of it, so what do you guys think? Best prank yet?

That’s Yo Garbage

Mar 26 2012

Meme Monday!

Mar 21 2012

AVENGERS Vs X-MEN. It’s Coming…

For the first time since Marvel Entertainment’s release of Civil War, we see the two very popular franchises in comic history come together in an epic battle for the future of Earth. In a few short weeks Marvel will release issue #1 of a 12-issue series which will bring together some of the worlds greatest known super heroes in one epic battle: AVENGERS Vs X-MEN.

More after the jump Heroes!

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Mar 14 2012

Trolling in Battlefield 3

While I don’t really play FPS games, I stumbled across a series of videos a while ago on Youtube of someone trolling the hell out of other players in BF3 and just had to share it with you all:



Birgir Pall has a bunch more on his Youtube channel so check them out for a few laughs.


Mar 09 2012


This is not news by any means, but I honestly felt as though I would be doing a gross injustice to the world, and the maker of this Animated short, if I did not share it.

This is a fan made, Superman vs the Hulk animated short. It is fantastic! It was released two days ago and only has 40,000 views, it deserves more. Check out the video below and head to mhabjan’s YouTube channel for more.

Also, if I could be so bold to say it. Unless The Hulk gets a hold of some Kryptonite I got my money on Superman. (He can punch him all he wants, Superman is broken) I can’t wait for more of these…

Mar 05 2012

Simpson’s FAN-tastic Game of Thrones Intro

The Simpson’s Game of Thrones intro is pretty awesome! Looks like the Simpson’s are also excited for the new season. APRIL IS COMING!!! Honestly, between the Simpson’s Tapped Out game and this trailer, the Simpson’s are renewing a place in my heart.

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Mar 02 2012

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 iOS Price Drop and More iOS Games!

I was just doing my usual App store surfing, and i came across a few things I thought I would share.

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Feb 29 2012

Kate Upton CAN sell anything!

This one is for you G!!

and your right she can sell anything…

First drinks, now burgers… what’s next??? Either way I’ll buy it!

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Feb 23 2012

Kate Upton could sell anything…. How Long Can You Last?

Feb 22 2012

(Some) Gamers Need to Settle Down!!

That will solve your lag issue....moron

I’m aware that my job on this site usually constitutes a lot of complaining. Hell, I complain about crap I have no real opinion on strictly for the lulz. And I’m sure at some point I’ve taken a potshot at George Lucas, and his typewriter or various other people in the short time this site has been up, but ladies and gentlemen of the Internet… there is a line.

Jennifer Hepler is employee of Bioware and she made this statement: Read the rest of this entry »

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