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Jul 04 2012

God Damn lol!

We talked about it in the Podcast this week, but I never really noticed how ridiculous the rendering on Miranda’s ass was… Whoa! Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 26 2012

Mario Theme done in Diablo III

Jun 04 2012

Meme Monday 04-06-2012

May 21 2012

Want to be a Game of Thrones Extra?? They’re looking for thousands to join the cast

It has been reported that HBO is looking for “all types of men, particularly those of a fit body build and those with special skills such as archery, combat-skills, military experience and sailors. They also require farmers, butchers, carpenters, iron workers, blacksmiths, weavers, medieval musicians. They are also looking for women with long natural undyed hair.” IFTN

Production on a third season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is set for July in Northern Ireland. That’s a pretty awesome trip, where do I sign up?

May 17 2012

‘Battleship’ director Peter Berg goes on a crazy rant during an interview about his movie

Probably one of the best interviews about a movie EVER

Jason Holt…Holt doesn’t sound jewish.” This is priceless. I am now looking forward to the movie Battleship, because this guy directed it.

May 15 2012

Three Games I Wish Existed

I am not a game developer, the closet I came to developing a game was back in high school where I made a tank game using turing. It was a pretty simple game, player one was on the top of the screen and player two was on the bottom. Using the arrow keys (p2) or A,D, keys (p1) you move side to side and hit the up arrow (p2) or W key (p1) to fire; three hits your dead. It was like sideways Pong minus the fact that you wanted to dodge the little white square coming towards you. It got me an A in the class, but really it didn’t do much else for me. Anyways, I’m a bit of a thinker, dreamer and idea maker and I wish there were some games that existed. The beautiful thing about the internet and digital distribution is that there are a ton of games made by ‘the little guys’ that I or others may not have heard of. Thus, if I have mentioned a game that already exists, please let me know.. because I want to play it!

Hit the Jump to hear the ramblings of an ‘idea drunk’ gamer

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Apr 23 2012

Super Score! : Finding the value of your Comic Book Part 1

Many people have piles of old comic books in attics and basements piled up and collecting dust, not knowing their value or worth. Most people had been collecting for years as simply fans and once the novelty had worn off they pack them away and leave them to be forgotten. Little do these people know that they might be sitting on some extra cash and can be worth quite a bit. The purpose of this article is to edge fans to dig into their closets and attics, and find those old comics! With a few simple guidelines, this article should help you easily be able to figure out how much your comic book is truly worth.

Hit the Jump to read on.

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Apr 23 2012

Meme Monday! 23-04-2012

Lawyer Dog by thisisprobablymatt via QuickMeme

Apr 16 2012

Meme Monday- Never Divide by Zero

Apr 03 2012

Star Wars Kinect makes me feel dead inside

Words cannot even describe what I just saw. I feel like I was thrown into some sort of weird Twilight Zone nightmare reality.

Is this what Star Wars fans wanted? I mean really, who asked for this?

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