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Mar 30 2012

Ultimate Spider-Man Premieres This Sunday.

Marvel’s new Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon is set to premiere this Sunday on Disney XD at 11:00pm. This series marks the first time Marvel has ever had a direct hand in creating a Spider-Man Cartoon and to celebrate Marvel has released the above Sizzle Reel trailer.

It’s hard to say when I became such a fan of Spider-Man. It was probably around the same time the 90’s animated series started. I remember having to try to fight with my sisters for use of the television to watch Spider-Man after school rather than Opera. Watching it again now though that series just did not hold up. That being said as a fan of Spider-Man I am definitely looking forward to this adaptation. Marvel has never done me wrong when it came to spider-man… well except maybe the Clone Saga, and One more Day.

At least there is no way it can turn out as bad as Spider-Man 3. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 29 2012

Trailer: The Host

I encourage you to watch this trailer without prejudice the first time, close your eyes at the 39-42 second mark, and think to yourself if it sounds interesting. This is not to be confused with the monster movie The Host.

Hit the Jump to see the trailer

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Mar 23 2012

22 Minute Game of Thrones: You Win or You Die Promo

HBO has released a full 22 minute “You Win or You Die” promo video to Youtube. This is a full 2 days earlier then it was supposed to be aired. It’s essentially a look back at season one, and helps introduce some of the new major characters, as well gives you new glimpses of Season 2!

That’s Yo ‘April is coming in 9 days” Garbage!!

Mar 21 2012

Blood and Chrome Trailer

Performance Anxiety?

New video footage has been revealed from the BSG Prequel series Blood and Chrome. Honestly after Caprica flopped I didnt expect this to actually get made. Looks like maybe there is hope for this show after all.

We here at TYG love the BSG reboot more then Adama loves Roslin so expect some bias in the following article. Thoughts after the Jump! Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 21 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2 – Robb Stark Character Profile Trailer

“I offer the Lannister’s peace if they meet my terms” – Robb Stark

This character profile has a lot going on, and really makes you realize the tough choices Robb will have to make.

That’s Yo “King in the North” Garbage

Mar 20 2012

Michael Bay has spoken, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are now Aliens

If you have not already heard, Hollywood and the powers that be, have decided to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Yes it will be live-action, and it is set to release Christmas 2013. One of the films producers is the one and only Michael Bay, and during an interview, he revealed some interesting information about the movie.

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Mar 19 2012

HBO Canada Presents Game of Thrones the Exhibit at the TIFF Lightbox

So, HBO Canada, in association with TIFF, presents Game of Thrones: The Exhibition, March 9–18 at TIFF Bell Lightbox Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A few of us at TYG managed to scoop up some tickets and check out the exhibit. Expectations might have been high and the excitement bubbling but in my opinion I was not impressed. Before entering the exhibit itself, you were able to stand in line and get your photo professionally taken with the throne, that is if the equipment they were using worked properly. To add to the mild annoyance of waiting for the photographer to get his shit together, the throne itself looked plastic, pathetic and not very glorious at all. We were too impatient to wait in line for a cheaply made replica of the actual throne to receive a wallet size photo of ourselves, so we exited the throne line and entered the line for the exhibit itself. Prior to entering we were approached by an elderly lady who looked like she had been working since biblical times, asking us to have our tickets ready and to refrain from taking pictures of the exhibit material. I guess she doesn’t know about Facebook or Twitter (or this website for that matter) because taking photos of things like this to show off to our friends is what our generation does…and I have an iPhone which comes in handy…

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Mar 18 2012

Game of Thrones – Price for our Sins *New Trailer*

Only 14 days left! April is Coming!!  I’m mostly excited about the introduction of a few new characters who will not be named here due to spoiler purposes, and people ready to rage over it! AjSkHkAyGfReEgYkJlOpY <— that may look like an assortment of letters but the caps spell a name. It is a spoiler so you have been warned!! (I also realize that her name has been changed for the show).

That’s Yo ‘Head on a Spike’ Garbage!!!

Mar 12 2012

Game of Thrones – The More You Love New Trailer

HBO is releasing Game of Thrones trailers/content faster then Mass Effect 3 DLC on launch day! Here is another trailer entitled: The More You Love.

Mar 12 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2 – Character Profile Trailers

Jon Snow – By far the best character

2 more Character Profiles after the jump!

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