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Mar 13 2012

A Very Short Introduction to Eve Online – Part 1

Imagine a game where 30,000+ players share a single in-game universe.

Where scamming others in-game gets featured in trailers instead of getting you banned. Imagine a game where there are battles between thousands of players for control of vast swathes of in-game territory.

This is Eve Online.

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Mar 12 2012

Review: Mass Effect 3 Final Thoughts

All right, I have logged the 40+ man hours it takes to complete ME3. And I feel having played through the game almost to the end with the players guide I can take some time out from my Reaper hunting to end this series of articles.

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Mar 09 2012

Mass Effect 3 First Impressions Multiplayer

Hello again people

I know I promised to talk about the multiplayer, galaxay at war and weapons customization today in Part 2, but sadly It’s been crazy so I only got to cover multiplayer today. On the plus side, there is a video for all the TLDR- inclined.

More after the jump!

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Mar 08 2012

Mass Effect 3 First Impressions Where We Ask if Human’s are Worth Saving


This is part one of what will be a three part series reviewing my opinions regarding Mass Effect 3. The first part will be a general impression of the game, the second one will focus on multiplayer, weapons customization and the Gallactic Readiness System. The third will focus on what people jumping into the series with the third game will experience and discuss the DLC and Collector’s edition.

With that out of the way, lets get started! Hit the jump to read more.

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Mar 08 2012

Review: I Am Alive

Let me set the scene for you, the game opens and it is a year after the ‘event’. Oooooo sounds awesome! The ‘event’, its so devastating it’s like voldemort, everyone avoids saying its name. It was an earthquake that caused massive damage to citys and the earth as we know it. Why not call it an earthquake? Anyways, a side effect to this earthquake is a cloud of dust that if you get caught in it you die. No not like the fog, where giant monsters eat you, i think the dust is either poisonous or has debris and stuff in it that kills you if you inhale it. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 01 2012

Review: Simpsons Tapped Out

Homer is too busy on his IPad while at the Nuclear Power-plant and in turn blows-up Springfield, and now it’s up to you to rebuild it. However you like…..did I mention it’s free?

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Feb 24 2012

Review: Rhythm Heaven Fever

Rhythm Heaven Fever promises to help keep Wii owners occupied in the long journey to the next console but does it hold up or should Wii owners wait for better options? Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 16 2012

Review: Gotham City Impostors

This game isn’t going to re-invent the FPS wheel. There are so many FPS games out right now, there is very little that sets them apart. Since COD 4 popularized the role-playing engine that added ranking and unlocks, every other game has seemed to just copy that over and over and over, even COD itself is a clone of every game since. It all the same..

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Jan 10 2012

Life in the Old Republic (Days 2-7)

If you’re looking for a game to completely demolish any ideas of journalistic integrity you may have had… The Old Republic is it. I have no real excuse for the lack of posts, I could blame it on the holidays but that would be a lie. I could blame it on my job but I’ve been off for the last three weeks. Nope the real reason that I have not posted anything about my time in TOR is simply because if it was not necessary for my continued survival, TOR came first.

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Dec 21 2011

Day one in the Old Republic…

So this is a bit late, I’ve spent more then 24hrs in the Old Republic as of the time of this writing but the point is I was able to pry myself away from the computer to actually get this down so I think I deserve a medal…or maybe some Ord Mantell Commendation’s.

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