Oct 08 2012

Capcom Responds to on-disc DLC found in Resident Evil 6

It seems news of Capcom changing its on-disc DLC practices may have come a bit too soon as moders have discovered extra costumes, extra taunts and another difficulty mode on retail copies of Resident Evil 6. The extra difficulty mode which is named “No Hope” is fully on the disc while the other content that was found was only partially on the disc.

Capcom has since confirmed that these files are related to DLC and that they are there for “technical reasons” that require “the use of a combination of newly downloaded data and data that is included in the retail game disc”. Capcom has also stated that they have more DLC to announce for Resident Evil 6 in the coming months.

I dunno about the costumes or taunts but honestly I think charging for a higher difficulty mode is outright robbery regardless of whether or not it is on the disc.


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