Jul 22 2012

Burning the Backlog – Katawa Shoujo Episode 8

We are BACK by popular demand, and it’s mostly because of people cussing at us on Youtube to make more Katawa Shoujo videos.

In this weeks episode of Burning the Backlog we get to watch Emi compete in a school track meet where she races a whole bunch of times, Rin brings some streamers along and has a pity party, and oh yea Emi’s mom is there… Enjoy!

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  1. KidRadd

    I’m glad you guys did not abandon this series. Can’t wait to hear what happens next.

  2. Danton

    Hell yes. Glad you guys are back in the saddle for this game!

  3. Bebo

    That nurse guy is kinda creepy isn’t he

  4. G

    Scares the life out of me man… I have sleepless nights

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