Nov 25 2015

Burning the Backlog – Final Fantasy XII Parts 1 – 6

So. I suppose it has been quite some time since anything has been here at all. Long story shot is that life got the way for most of us. That being said I figured since this site still exists and I miss the whole making content for the web thing I figured I would start posting things on TYG once again.

So here is the start of a new Burning the Backlog series. This time I am solo and I will play through the entirety of Final Fantasy XII. Why you ask? Well the short and simple answer to that question is that while going through some of the stuff I had in storage I found two copies of the game. This kinda surprised me, mostly because I honestly don’t even remember buying the game once.

So i figured why not play it. So here we are. With a new solo version of BTB that will air first live on Twitch. I haven’t set a schedule as of yet but if you are interested in catching any of the future recordings live then feel free to follow me on Twitch.¬†Or you can wait for the new episodes to show up on my personal Youtube channel.

Episode 1

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