Mar 21 2012

Blood and Chrome Trailer

Performance Anxiety?

New video footage has been revealed from the BSG Prequel series Blood and Chrome. Honestly after Caprica flopped I didnt expect this to actually get made. Looks like maybe there is hope for this show after all.

We here at TYG love the BSG reboot more then Adama loves Roslin so expect some bias in the following article. Thoughts after the Jump!

Honestly if there is one thing BSG did well but could of used a lot more of its space combat. Some of the best episodes of BSG were the ones with intense space battles. While every episode can’t feature all out life or death combat, I wont stand here and say that I wouldn’t love a series where humanity is not running for their lives against the Cylons. Maybe its because I subscirbe to the Admiral Caine solution to overwhelming odds. But a series where every MK2 Vyper destroyed is not a huge hit to the war effort is right up my alley.

This is what I want to see, not emo-Caprica crap… Vypers blowing fracking Raiders out of the sky!

Blood and Chrome can shed some light on the rise of William Adama, give us much need background on the Cylon War. This also has the potential to be a different type of series because it will feature a full scale escalation of hostilities instead of a desperate chase across the universe. All in I’m fracking hyped for this show!

Thats Yo” Wait…So Cylon’s Don’t Look Like Us Now?” Garbage

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  1. Loredo84

    *fap fap fap fap*

  2. Steve

    I want to watch this video so badly but when I click play I am informed that it has been disabled because the content belongs to NBC Universal…

  3. G

    Thats because Sy-fy cancelled it already lol… see new post for details…

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