Aug 01 2012

Bitty of the Week: Olivia Munn

This weeks Bitty of the Week is: Olivia Munn. Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this undoubtedly beautiful women wins the spot for Bitty this week. With the recent events of Comic-con International San Diego Olivia had her hands full co-hosting the event with her current employer the G4 Network. Having an uprooted childhood consistently moving from place to place, it never wavered this beauty’s interest in entertainment. With a history of modelling and appearances in movies and shows like Big Stan, Date Night, Iron Man 2, and now HBOs new picture The Newsroom, she tries to remain in the light of entertainment and continues to please her viewers. We love her mostly for her work with G4 of course, though as she has admitted in interviews that she isn’t much of a ‘tech geek’ she is still nice to look at…. Olivia Munn, thank you for being our bitty of the week.

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  1. Nordahl

    I honestly cant stand this woman. I remember trying to watch her work on the daily show only to be incredibly unfunny. Sure shes a looker but most people on TV are. I just cant stand her personality.

    1. Mike

      right with you bud, i fought hard to have this not put up. obviously i lost. I despise her..

    2. Loredo84

      Anyone see Magic Mike? Her acting skills were bad even for THAT movie, haha. Hot piece of ass though, I’ll give her that. Actress? No thanks.

  2. MuckMan

    I’m pretty sure that she is functionally retarded.

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