Aug 28 2012

Bitty of the Week: Jessica De Gouw

This week’s Bitty of the Week is: Jessica De Gouw. Unless you’ve seen the known Australian series Underbelly (2011), the chance you have heard of Jessica De Gouw if very slim. The 24-year-old Australian native actress has finally made her way to North America since building her acting career first appearing on Australia’s The Sleepover Club (2006). But now she’s heading to Canada to appear in The CW’s upcoming series, Arrow. She is set to play The Huntress in a multi-episode arc adding yet another vigilante character to square off with, or join, Green Arrow (Stephen Amell). The Huntress’ real identity is Helena Bertinelli, a young woman whose life has been spent around organized crime, and After the terrible mishap of her families murder, Bertinelli decides to avenge her family by becoming the Huntress. One of the great things about playing a character with two identities is that the actress will be able to show the range of her acting. De Gouw will hit the Television screen, and the faces of crime, by episode 6 of series Arrow, to be launched October 10 2012. Thank you Jessica De Gouw for being this week’s Bitty of the Week.




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