Sep 04 2012

Bitty of the Week: Alexandra Breckenridge

This weeks Bitty of the Week: Alexandra Breckenridge. Born in Darien, Connecticut then moving to California when she was 12, Breckenridge first acquired her interest in acting at 13 when she performed in local theater productions; not long afterwards she moved to Los Angeles and began pursuing an acting career. Her first film was the independent comedy Locust Valley (1999). She followed up this performance with minor roles on several successful series including Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), Dawson’s Creek (1998) and Freaks and Geeks (1999); and the short film D.E.B.S. (2003), which won her Best Short film at the 2003 New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. She has also worked on the animated sitcom Family Guy (1999), voicing celebrities such as Christina Aguilera.  In 2002 she appeared in the movie Big Fat Liar (2002) with Paul Giamatti and Amanda Bynes , but In 2006, Breckenridge made her break through with a lead role in the comedy She’s the Man (2006) yet again led by Amanda Bynes. Currently Breckenridge is working on the Thriller Dark set to be released in 2014 and guest appearing in the series American Horror Story (2011). Thank you Alexandra Breckenridge for being this weeks Bitty of the Week!



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