Oct 18 2012

BioShock Infinite Premium and Ultimate Songbird Editions Detailed

Irrational Games revealed not one but two collector editions of the upcoming BioShock infinite today. First there is the Premium Edition of the game which comes with a 3 inch Vigor Bottle Key-chain  a 5×7 inch lithograph done by Jorge Lacera, a 25 millimeter Handyman miniature, a BioShock Infinite art book a bunch of digital download codes for things like in-game items, a digital copy of the games soundtrack, and console specific themes and avatar items.

The Ultimate Song Bird Edition of the game comes with all of the items mentioned in the Premium Edition of the game but it also comes with a 9.5 inch statute designed by Robb Waters. The Premium Edition of the game will sell at retail for 79.99, and the Ultimate Songbird Edition will sell for 149.99.  Irrational has even set up a tool to pre-order it now if you want.

That statue does look pretty cool but I currently don’t really have any room to store such a the thing so I think I’ll pass.

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