Apr 26 2012

Battles of Westeros: Baratheon Expansion Announced!

Fantasy Flight Games produces a lot of Game of Thrones products. From the Board-game to the Card-game you would think they have all their bases covered. They also produce a third game which is more of a war-game/board-game hybrid, which seems pretty similar to Dust Tactics. If I’ve peaked your interest more after the jump.

The newest expansion the Battles of Westeros line is House Baratheon. The box features similar units to whats already available for other houses in other boxes of the game, but adds the distinct characters loyal to the Stag.

Another notable addition the Battle of Westeros is that the Baratheon box comes with the rules to play the legendary epic battle: The Battle of Blackwater Bay. For those familiar with the book series the chance to act out this battle on the table would be a tantalizing option. It is one of the lynchpin scenes in the book and it would be amazing to take the reins and see what comes of the battle when you’re in control.

The box also features rules for Alliance battles so games can now feature up to eight players a side. This adds a lot of depth to the game. Get some friends together pick a house, buy the boxes and make alliances as you play through the battles you’ve read about or seen in the show!

Most of the people on this site are hardcore Game of Thrones fans and I know were hyped about anything Game of Thrones related but this seems like a great product and just another way to immerse yourself in the land of Westeros. FFG just take my money.

That’s Yo “You Get to Use Robert Baratheon…Before He Got Fat and Whored His Way to an Early Grave!” Garbage!

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