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Sep 13 2012

The Full Wii U Launch List

For those of you who watched the Wii U Preview (catchy title) this morning, would have had a ton of game titles tossed in your face before the end of the show. Well if you missed any of them, we have a complete list for you. I must say though, i am a bit surprised that EA did not make an NHL game for the new system. Alsol, a lot of these games are re-makes of old games with some new flair. Nevertheless, I am excited for a few games, such as Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends and ZombiU.

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Sep 12 2012

Wii U Announcements Streaming Live From Nintendo.com

Tomorrow (September 13, 2012) Nintendo will be streaming live from New York to Nintendo.com, for some special announcements for the Wii U. The festivities will begin at 10:00AM ET. Set your phones and watches, and be ready to be AMAZED….. Hopefully.. I am still bitter about my Wii.. and yes I know exactly how that sounds.

Sep 12 2012

Ticket to Ride Pocket is Free Today

The ever popular board game Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonders was released in pocket form during Fall 2011. The game obviously gained a lot of popularity due to its board game counter part, but it was lacking online multiplayer. This was recently added during the latest update, and now the game is a must have. It is not true multiplayer experience as it is an asynchronously multiplayer, however, it does allow you to play multiple games at once. Why is it free? Well to mark the release of the iPhone 5. Get it free while you can!

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Sep 10 2012

Razer DeathStalker Gaming Keyboard

Razer’s DeathStalker keyboard features some new innovations on a keyboard, that I personally did not expect. Along with it’s already impressive 4.05″ touch screen which is able to run apps, the Razer Synapse 2.0 software will automatically sync the gaming keyboard to a cloud server to download driver and firmware updates, while saving your individual settings. Sync your custom settings and macros automatically with this unified configurator, allowing customization of all your Razer products with a single login. This marvel has yet to be released, but I do look forward to trying it out when it is. Hit the jump for some pictures and spec’s of the ‘Ultimate Gaming’ Keyboard.

You can learn more about the apps HERE.

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Sep 10 2012

DARPA’s Cheetah Bolts

DARPA’s Cheetah robot—already the fastest legged robot in history—just broke its own land speed record of 18 miles per hour (mph). In the process, Cheetah also surpassed another very fast mover: Usain Bolt. According to the International Association of Athletics Federations, Bolt set the world speed record for a human in 2009 when he reached a peak speed of 27.78 mph for a 20-meter split during the 100-meter sprint. Cheetah was recently clocked at 28.3 mph for a 20-meter split. The Cheetah had a slight advantage over Bolt as it ran on a treadmill, the equivalent of a 28.3 mph tail wind, but most of the power Cheetah used was to swing its legs fast enough, not to propel itself forward.

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Sep 07 2012

EA Sports Season Ticket 2013

Details for the EA Sports Season were released today, and the benefits and price are as follows:

This program gives you early access to all of your favorite EA SPORTS titles, for only $24.99 or 2000 Microsoft® Points for 12 months of benefits! With EA SPORTS Season Ticket, you’ll get:

  • Access to the following (Paid)DLC across all five participating titles:
    • 1 Legendary Pack and 24 Pro Madden Packs (over $30 in value)
    • 24 NHL Gold Premium Packs (over $30 in value)
    • 24 FIFA Gold Premium Packs (over $30 in value)
    • Tiger Woods PGA Tour® content to be announced
    • NCAA Football® content to be announced

    Access to the above PDLC begins with Madden NFL 13. The packs listed are distributed and expire on a weekly basis.

  • Download your favorite EA SPORTS titles 3 days early and get into the action while your friends are still dreaming of throwing 40-yard bombs or ripping the back of the net. Carry forward your progress and achievements when you buy on launch day to stay ahead of the game.
  • With EA SPORTS Season Ticket you get 20% off all PDLC available in all participating titles. Get more Ultimate Team packs, more courses, more players and more boosts for your money. If it’s available for purchase, you get 20% off.

So what do you think, is it worth it?

Sep 07 2012

Podcast Garbage Episode 40

Sep 07 2012

Review: Babel Rising Cataclysm

Publisher Bulkypix and studio Mando Productions announced today that the sequel to the popular mobile game Babel Rising, has been released. The new game is titled Babel Rising: Cataclysm, and is now available on the App Store for free.

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Sep 06 2012

“Amazon” Working Title

It looks like they are at it again! For those of you who do not know Warner Bros. pulled the plug on Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman movie – allowing him to be free to make the massively successful Avengers Movie. Then NBC tried to reboot the Wonder Woman TV series, but failed to make it past the pilot stage. So here we go, reports are being swirled around the internet that CW (the Warner Brothers television network) has begun its own work on creating a live-action Wonder Woman series called Amazon (working title).

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Sep 05 2012

Game of Thrones Opening Sung by a Cat

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