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Oct 04 2012

Iron Man 3 has resumed filming

Iron Man 3 resumed filming in Miami this week after taking a nearly six-week break to allow for Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man/ Tony Stark) to rest from his ankle injury.

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Oct 02 2012

The ‘Realistic’ Man of Steel : David Goyer speaks at Rome Film Fest

Writer David Goyer Spoke at the Rome Film Fest discussing their plans for Superman in the forthcoming superhero reboot Man of Steel (which IGN found via Collider), Goyer emphasized on his thoughts of the more ‘realistic approach’ that he, producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder, have decided to  take with this film.

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Oct 02 2012

Bitty of the Week: Felicia Day

This weeks Bitty of the Week is: Felicia Day. This American born actress and writer began her acting career at the age of 7 when she starred in a local production of To Kill a Mockingbird. Homeschooled for most of her education she began college at the age of 16. Day was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music but chose to attend the University of Texas at Austin on a full scholarship double major in mathematics and music performance; more specifically violin performance.

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Sep 27 2012

Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation

BioWare has announced the Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation. The set will combine all three Mass Effect titles into one package said to be launched for Xbox 360 and PC on November 6th for one easy payment of $59.99. This will be the first time the original game will be on The PlayStation 3, yet a date has not been announced for this system.( ….typical.. why am I not surprised)

BioWare has also announced a re-release of the original Mass Effect as a standalone via the PlayStation Network, that is once they get the compilation release date sorted out. Also, BioWare has announced ‘N7 Day’, set for November 7th 2012. The day will include “worldwide” in-game, online and other live events for the Mass Effect community to participate in. more details will be available soon on Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 25 2012

‘The Wolverine’ Photo release

20th Century Fox released the first official photo yesterday of Hugh Jackman in a ‘Martial Arts like’ pose for the upcoming sequel The Wolverine, directed by James Mangold. The film is set in Japan where Wolverine travels to train with a samurai warrior.  The film is to be released on July 26 2013.

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Sep 25 2012

Bitty of the Week: “Katee” Sackhoff

This weeks Bitty of the Week is: Kathryn Ann “Katee” Sackhoff. This Sci-Fi badass was born in Portland, Oregon, USA in 1980. Her first love was swimming which she began at a very early age and was planning to go pro after she graduated high school in 1998, until her right knee was injured and ended that dream.

Not all was lost for Sackhoff though, as this injury led her to begin practicing yoga which she still continues today, and of course her pursuit in acting. This American actress is known mainly for playing Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on the Sci-Fi television program Battlestar Galactica, for which she was nominated in 2004 for a Saturn Award in the “Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series” category; In May 2006 she won the Saturn Award for the same role. She also starred in the horror-thriller White Noise 2: The Light (2007) and the eighth season of 24 (2010) as Dana Walsh. She also took on roles in such films as Halloween: Resurrection (2002); and has had roles in TV Series such as The Big Bang Theory (2010); Robot Chicken (2007); and Bionic Women (2007). Along with her continued work in voice acting for video games, we can expect Sackhoff in the next installment of the Riddick movies “The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking” set to be released sometime in 2013. Thank you Katee Sackhoff for being this weeks Bitty of the Week.

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Sep 18 2012

Bitty of the Week: Emily Blunt

This weeks Bitty of the Week is: Emily Blunt. This West London native received a rigorous education at Ibstock Place School, a co-ed private school at Roehampton, before  going to Hurtwood House  co-ed boarding school in 1999 where she would excel at sport, cello and singing with also some study in dramatic arts. In August 2000, she was signed by agent Kenneth Mcreddie, who found her work with the West End and the BBC, where she invested in roles of several dramas on stage as well as TV productions; such as Foyle’s War (2002), Henry VIII (2003) (TV) and Empire (2005). In 2001, she appeared as “Gwen Cavendish” in Sir Peter Hall’s production of The Royal Family at Haymarket Theatre, which she won the Evening Standard Award for Best Newcomer.

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Sep 11 2012

Bitty of the week: Jennifer Lawrence


This weeks Bitty of the Week is: Jennifer Lawrence. Actress Jennifer Lawrence, was born in Louisville, Kentucky on August 15, 1990.  In the summer of 2004 she visited Manhattan at the age of 14 and conducting her first cold read. The agents were awestruck and tried to convince her mother that ‘Jen’ needed to spend the summer in Manhattan and continue auditions. The convincing to pursue acting came when Lawrence was noticed by an agent working on an H&M photo ad and asked her for a picture although she was with her family shopping. The next day, that agent invited her to the studio. She scored some small commercial and film roles, and shortly thereafter her family moved to Los Angeles, where she was cast in the TBS sitcom “The Bill Engvall Show””(2007), and in smaller movies like The Poker House (2008) and The Burning Plain (2008). The big break came when she played Ree in Winter’s Bone (2010), which landed her an Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination. Not long after that, she scored the role of Mystique in franchise reboot X-Men: First Class (2011), which lead to her most famous and recent role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games(2012). Lawrence can also be seen in The Beaver (2011), Like Crazy (2011), House at the End of the Street (2012) and Silver Linings Playbook (2012). With the fame from The Hunger Games , it shot Lawrence to new A-List  Celebrity status and made this stunning beauty a superstar among young celebs. Thank you Jennifer Lawrence for being this weeks Bitty of the Week.

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Sep 09 2012

DC issues 0 Comics?: September stand-alone issues for DC Comics

It’s been a year since the release of a historic moment in comic book history with the introduction of DC Comics’ THE NEW 52 initiative and I would say they have made quite an impact. What do we have to expect for the coming months?

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Sep 05 2012

From the ashes of a phoenix : The possible return of Jean Grey?

Next month Marvel will release the twelfth and final issue of the Avengers Versus X-Men, and after the release of a possible cover image for this final issue, there is one thing on most readers minds: Is that Jean Grey?

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