Oct 23 2012

Apple Announces iPad 4th Gen and iPad Mini

Apple has announced not one buy two new iPad models today in San Jose during their press event today. The first iPad announcement was the 4th Generation iPad which features a new A6X chip that has double the CPU and GPU performance, the new Lightning Dock connector, and new accessory cables that support SD storage; however, the screen resolution and price for the 4th gen iPad will remain the same.

The second iPad announcement was the new 7.9 inch iPad Mini which has very similar specs to the iPad 2. The iPad mini has a duel core A5 Chip, a 5 mega pixel iSight camera, an HD front-facing camera and runs at a resolution of 1024×768. The iPad Mini also uses the new dock connector and will start at $330 for a 16 GIG WiFi only version. There is also the option to get a LTE radio on the device for an extra cost of $130.

Another interesting note is that the 3rd generation iPad (which is less than 6 months old) will no longer be sold as it has been replaced by the 4th generation model; however, they will still be selling the iPad 2.

I’m honestly baffled by all of this.  Sure the iPad mini was something that most expected but a 4th generation iPad this early? It seems to me like they are getting dangerously close to milking their customer base a little too much.

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