Sep 06 2012

“Amazon” Working Title

It looks like they are at it again! For those of you who do not know Warner Bros. pulled the plug on Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman movie – allowing him to be free to make the massively successful Avengers Movie. Then NBC tried to reboot the Wonder Woman TV series, but failed to make it past the pilot stage. So here we go, reports are being swirled around the internet that CW (the Warner Brothers television network) has begun its own work on creating a live-action Wonder Woman series called Amazon (working title).

The show will take place prior to Diana being Wonder Woman, which is exactly how the Smallville series played out. Thus, she may not get suited up at all. (Which is sad, because I do like me some Wonder Woman outfit). This is probably for the best, as most Wonder Woman costumes are campy at best. I also wonder if the lasso of truth or the invisible jet will eventually make an appearance…

Wonder Woman Costumes are Campy at best

The big question is where the actual show events will take place? Will it be Wonder Woman in a real-world back drop, or will she be in her home area of  Themyscira. Since it is pre-Wonder Woman, I think Themyscira is the best option, but how to you make a teen-show with no boys? At this point it is only in the scripting stage, and Allan Heinberg has been assigned to get his pen working. He is a onetime writer and co-showrunner on such series as Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, The O.C., and Grey’s Anatomy. Which means he is good at soapy drama stories, which is something the CW and it’s mostly female fan base drool over. Let’s not be expecting an action-packed Wonder Woman show, and I encourage them to surprise me.


Now I wouldn’t be a good writer if I stopped there. Heinberg did work on the Marvel’s Young Avengers series, collaborated with Geoff Johns on a multi-installment Justice League story back in 2005, and even wrote Wonder Woman #1-4 for DC in between his television writing/producing efforts.

Let’s Leave it at that, ill have more to say on this topic and news is released.


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