Feb 26 2012

Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen + Academy Awards = Winning!

For those of you who do not know, Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen is Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie persona. I like SBC because he lives his characters to the fullest, its fascinating to watch. I am going to come straight out and mention that i didn’t like the movie Bruno, so no i am not a entire fan of all his work, but i do appreciate his ability to think outside the box.

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That being said, this whole alleged banning, and then unbanning was a huge publicity stunt, that benefited both parties. News broke two days ago that SBC had requested to come to the award shows Red Carpet dressed as the Admiral, and then he would change into a tuxedo and enjoy the rest of the award show as himself. (He was fantastic in Hugo, and deserves to be there) Apparently, the Academy was up in arms, and did not want any antics at the award show. It’s a very serious event and they did not want it to lose its integrity. (Might be a little late for that, good ol’ Trey Parker and Matt Stone).

Anyways, the ban was a rumor and not true. Even though the Admiral released a video stating his sheer anger for his ban.

As frightening as that video is, I hardly think this changed their mind. Nevertheless, he is not banned, and apparently, never was. According to the Academy they never discussed anything with SBC. So who do we believe? Well, both of them, because the whole thing was a nicely crafted PR stunt, that worked wonderfully; I am even writing an article about it, and you are reading it! FANTASTIC!

By the time this was all said and done, SBC has got some relatively cheap advertising which has generated interest or at the very least recognition of his new movie and his new character. This Red Carpet event I’m sure will be treated as a mini-trailer to his upcoming movie. The academy benefits because they might get some viewers who would not originally be interested in the show atleast watch the Red Carpet to see what happens. Also, and most importantly they do not look like big stiffs, which is something that has been used against them in the past. I do believe The Academy had more to lose in this situation, but it was handled gracefully, and now they both are better for it.

All in all kudos to them! Now I need to start refining my publicity stunt for this website, which will really put it on the map. Stay Tuned!

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  1. vergleich private krankenversicherung

    i like that they did this, the oscars r so boring i usually never watch passed the red carpet

  2. ps

    i really like all your writing styles, i have shared you guys with my friends thru social networking, hopefully thats ok.

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  4. dontf1

    I honestly thought it was gonna be better. The movie is gonna suck!

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