Aug 01 2012

Ada Wong campaign and Agent Hunt mode confirmed for Resident Evil 6

Famistu has recently confirmed that Ada Wong will be a playable character in Resident Evil 6.  Ada’s scenario is unlocked once you have completed the scenarios of the other three main characters and her campaign will be used to clear up some of the events of the game’s story; however, unlike the three main scenarios Ada’s campaign can only be played solo as she does not have a partner character.

Famitsu also revealed the games “Agent Hunt” mode which has players take control of the games creatures to fight players via online play. The mode itself sounds very similar to Mindjacks enemy online controlled enemies; however, you’re not just controlling other soldiers.  People who don’t want to be hunted down by teams of player controlled monsters you can choose to turn Agent Hunt mode off.

Sounds pretty cool.  I always thought Mindjack had a real interesting mechanic with its online component and if Capcom can intergrate it well it should be pretty fun.

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