Sep 11 2012

3G PlayStation Vita coming to Canada this October 2nd

The PlayStation Vita launched this Febrary in North America with both the Wifi only and 3G models; however, the 3G model was limited to the United States only due to its use of the At&T network meaning Canadians could only purchase the Wifi model.

That is soon to change though as Sony has announced today that they are partnering with Rogers to bring the 3G model of the PSvita over to Canada.  The 3G model of the system will go for $299.99 Canadian dollars and will come with a sim card pre-installed into the system, which will allow you to purchase data for the device off contract for 30 days at a time.  Prices for data seem to be in line with the plans available for the iPad.

Kinda disappointing that you are forced to go with Rogers if you want 3G on your Vita but I suppose it’s better than nothing I suppose.  That being said I think I will stick with my Wifi model.

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